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Salary Movement
Salary Movement Instructions - per the 2022-23 Certified Master Contract
It is the responsibility of the professional educator to notify the Human Resource office by September 10 of earned movement on the salary schedule due to additional college/university hours or inservice credit. Both of the following items must be on file in the Human Resource office by September 10 for hours to be eligible for salary movement:
• The official transcript(s) verifying the completed college hours and/or inservice credit hours
• Salary Movement Intent form submitted to Human Resources (this is NOT the PDC transcript request form, see link to online form below)

Salary Movement Intent form Instructions
Click here to open the Salary Movement Intent form. The form will accept responses for 2023-24 until September 10. While the form is open, it can be submitted multiple times until September 10. 

Final Salary Movement allowances (column movement and/or step increases) are dependent upon the final negotiated agreement for the given contract year. See the FAQs section below for more info.

The Memorandum of Understanding memorializes an understanding between Derby Public Schools and the Derby Education Association. This document was the result of an understanding reached during the bargaining of the Master Contract for the 2013-2014 school year. It's understood that e-mails, transcripts or other communication received by the Human Resource Office would not constitute notification of request for movement: individuals must follow the procedures outlined above. You MUST submit BOTH the transcript/pdc transcript request AND the Salary Movement Intent Form.

Transcript Information
PDC Transcripts (Inservice Credit for 2023-24 salary schedule movement):
Approved and verified inservice credit that can be used for recertification will be counted for movement on the salary schedule at the rate of 20 inservice points = one semester hour. Inservice credits from districts other than Derby Public Schools will be recognized if such credits are consistent with the guidelines of Derby Public Schools Inservice Education Plan. Inservice credit transcript request for salary movement (Form 425 - PDC Transcript Request Form) must be submitted to Deb Beougher, the PDC Secretary at the Administrative Center, 1550 E. Walnut Grove Rd. in Derby, no later than 10 contract days prior to September 10 (which is Friday, August 25, 2023). The PDC transcript request form is NOT the Salary Movement Intent form; the link for the Intent Form is above.

College Transcripts
Official college transcripts can be ordered from the university. You may have the transcript(s) sent directly to the Human Resource office (1550 E. Walnut Grove Rd., Derby KS 67037) or you may bring them to the HR office. If you bring them in person, please do not open the envelope. Transcripts faxed from colleges are not considered "official" because the watermark shows, labeling it as an unofficial copy. Some universities allow you to order electronic/secured, official transcripts. These are acceptable and encouraged, as delivery can be tracked. Please use [email protected] as the recipient email. All transcripts must be received by September 10 to be eligible for salary movement. 


• Will the PDC transcript request form (Form 425) satisfy the requirement of showing my intent for salary movement? No. The Salary Movement Intent form is DIFFERENT than the PDC transcript request form. You are required to turn in BOTH your transcript(s) and complete the Salary Movement Intent form (which is an online Google form) by the deadlines to be able to move should it be allowed. The link for the online Intent form is above.

Is Salary Movement given each year? It depends on the outcome of negotiations. It is not automatic. Final salary movement allowances for 2023-24 will be whatever's approved and ratified in the 2023-24 negotiated agreement. It is in the educator's best interest to understand the salary movement stipulations of the negotiated agreement each year. Please see your building DNEA Rep if you have questions about the negotiations process. Certified staff members are encouraged to follow the requirements in the master contract each year to make sure transcripts submitted for salary movement are eligible for movement should it be allowed, even if negotiations don't settle until after the September 10 transcript deadline.  The September 10 deadline is a HARD deadline no matter when negotiations settle. In other words, complete the requirements each year as if salary movement will be allowed, and if it is, you'll have everything ready to go...this includes turning in BOTH your transcript(s) and Salary Movement Intent forms by the deadlines.

I don't know if I can move columns; should I turn in a transcript? Certified staff members can turn in transcripts with any amount of graduate or PDC hours on it, even if it doesn't move them past another column. Hours submitted to Human Resources for salary movement are accumulated until the certified staff member has enough hours to move to the next column. Don't forget to submit the Salary Movement Intent form along with your transcripts. Your transcripts are not eligible for movement without also submitting the Salary Movement Intent form.

I submitted transcripts last year, but column movement was restricted. What do I do this year? Transcripts submitted in years where salary movement is restricted will be "held" in Human Resources for the subsequent year(s), and the salary movement process requirements will begin anew for the subsequent contract year. Each year transcripts are submitted, educators need to be sure they also submit the Salary Movement Intent form to satisfy the requirements of the master contract. If transcripts are "held" year-to-year, Salary Movement Intent forms should be submitted EACH YEAR until those hours are able to be applied for movement. Educators can also continue to submit more transcripts to Human Resources to add to the transcript hours already "on hold." The hours will continue to accumulate in our "hold" file until movement can happen.

• I have a pdc transcript on "hold" from last year. Do I need to get another copy of the pdc transcript for this year's salary movement?There's no need to send additional copies of transcripts we already have on "hold" for you.  You are welcome to request additional pdc transcripts, though, if you've accumulated more points over the year that you'd like turned into hours for salary movement. The new hours can be added to your "hold" hours... they just accumulate until movement is allowed through negotiations.  Don't forget to do your Salary Movement Intent form (link is above) by September 10 with any new transcripts you turn in or each year if you know you have transcripts on "hold."  That will ensure everything will be ready-to-go if movement is allowed.
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